With our state-of-the-art Twice as Sharp system your scissors and shears will become sharper than when you bought them.

Tools and Garden

Garden Tools are cleaned, sharpened and oiled to a professionally maintained condition.

Tailor Shears$12
Pinking Shears$14
Home Hair Shears$12
Salon Shears 
Straight Blade$30
Curved Blade$35
Texturing Scissors$35
Thinning Shears $35
Clipper Blades$12
Straight Razors$25
Pet Grooming Shears 
Straight Blade$20
Curved Blade$25
Thinning Shears$25
Clipper Blades$12
Clipper Blades (Large animal)$16
Tools & Garden 
Garden Snips$10
Pruning Shears$8
Lopping Shears$10
Grass Clippers$12
Hedge Clippers$15
Axe (per side)$8
Pick (per end)$8
Hand Edger$12
Machete$2 per inch
Hand Plane Blades$10
Chain Saws$1 per inch
Electric Hedge Cutter$2 per inch
Chisels – Std. Hone up to ¾”$6 and up
**--Whetstone Hone > 3/4"$60/hr
Paper Cutter$2 per inch
Power Mower Blade$12-$18
**Circular Saw – HSS/Carbide$0.30/tooth
**Rotary Push Mower$55.00
Drill Bits$4-and up
Other ToolsContact for Quote
** Drop-off item

Knifes and Repairs

By utilizing a combination of precision sharpening tools ranging from water cooled grinding systems to the renowned Tru-Hone sharpener/honer, Absolutely Sharp® conveniently provides you with a professional, lasting edge.

Pocket Knife< 3”$2
Paring Knife< 4”$4
Knife < 8”$6
Knife 8”-12”$8
Knife > 12”$10
If serrated add'l $2
Food Processor  $15
**Meat Grinder Blade/plate  $15
Pizza Wheel $7
** Drop-off item 

Absolutely Sharp® also repairs damaged blades, making them functionally as good as new. By utilizing a combination of precision grinding systems and sharpening tools including belt grinders, water cooled grinding wheel systems and finishing off with the renowned Tru-Hone sharpener/honer, Absolutely Sharp conveniently provides you with a professional, lasting edge. Prices below are in addition to sharpening service prices.

Knife Repairs Per InchPrice
Chips Blades$4 and up
Broken Tips$5 and up

Download and print our price sheet and flyer HERE